As the Client Relationship Manager or the VP of Sales and Marketing are you looking to build long and profitable relationships with your high net worth clients?

Build long term relationships for long term revenues.

“More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject.”

Peter Drucker

Stop investing in attracting leads and converting them only to lose them again quickly!

Build Relationships that last for life instead!


Unique and Elegant Client Appreciation Events

Sales is all about making your client love you. And like any relationship it’s important to show love to get it back. What better way to rekindle a relationship than a date – with wine.

  • Attract, engage and retain the high value clients you want.
  • Create a community of clients eager to refer you to friends and invest more with you.
  • Make your clients feel wanted, important and valued.
  • Gain a greater share of wallet.
  • Increase your AUM.
  • Have a great time

Entertaining for Business

Smarter strategies to attract, engage, and retain affluent, high net worth clients.Complete your MBA in Executive Entertaining knowledge; executive training for entertaining your clients.

I am offering  free guides. The first is called Stocking Your Wine Cellar which provides information on the types of wines you should buy to stock a 42 or 54 bottle wine cellar.

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Stocking Your Wine Cellar

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

There is a lot of unknown when it comes to wine, not to mention… what to do when the waiter hands you the wine cork after he has open the bottle you selected at the restaurant. To gain insights into the world of wines and have a fun evening at the same time we engaged Bill Wright – “The Speaking Sommelier” at our home for a fun evening of information about wine, food pairings and insights into that darn cork!

At the end everyone’s questions were answered in a very professional and personable manner. We would definitely recommend Bill’s services to others. Julie is already planning on having “The Speaking Sommelier” again in the near future and I’m looking to treat my clients on our next business retreats.

Jean (
Jean ("The Retired Spy") & Julie-Rainville Brun JJ Communications

I would like to congratulate Bill Wright, The Speaking Sommelier, on taking his wine tastings to the next level. His obvious passion and knowledge of wine and ability to interact with and entertain the group made for an excellent evening at a recent tasting and food pairing.

Bill balanced the professional with highly entertaining fun and the formal process of tasting with an informal and comfortable environment making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.
Everyone at the tasting commented on how they really enjoyed Bill’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. He did an outstanding job in entertaining and informing us with this tasting.
I would definitely recommend him in the future whether it is for a special occasion, a customer appreciation experience or as an icebreaker for a larger event. Many thanks for such a great experience.

Sean O'Dea
Sean O'Dea Caincroft Management, President