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Sommelier Bill Wright

Founder & CEO of Marketing with Wine

Bill Wright has been a certified sommelier since 2002. He is also a holder of certificates of proficiency from the German Wine Institute and the Wine Council of Ontario.

Bill often would buy a wine and really enjoy it and then buy “the same brand” again only to find it tasted so much different. He decided to find out why and took a wine appreciation course at Algonquin. One course led to another and two and half years latter he was doing his final practical exam serving local wine aficionados wine and food. He managed to survive to go on and enjoy many wines.

Over the years he has led tutored tastings as fundraisers for various organizations. A few summers ago he did a social event, leading a tutored tasting, for the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Here the attendees encouraged him to start offering this as a service for their and corporation clients. A testimonial to their enthusiasm is that he got hired to lead four events for attendees at the event! No longer able to resist peer pressure Bill is now has made this his core business.

Through his marketing with wine programs Bill helps you provide memorable events for your clients and profits or you. He also has education programs to help your executives get better return on their entertaining dollar.

Bill is a member in good standing of the International Coaching Federation and is a professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and serves as the Membership Chair for the Ottawa Chapter. He was selected as the chapter’s “rising star” in 2011 and spoke at the Associations National Conference in 2011.

Bill was selected “Rising Star 2011” by the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) & spoke at the CAPS National Conference in 2011