Elegant Client Appreciation Events

How to capture the hearts and wallets of high value clients.

Building Business Relationships Is More Important Than Ever!

Business is hypercompetitive, and building and sustaining strong client relationships is critical not just to getting business but to keeping it. Remember the sales adage, “Keeping an existing customer costs a lot less than acquiring a new one”? That’s always good advice, but today (given the cost of doing business), it’s truer than ever!

-------  "Over a bottle of wine, many a friend is made.” -------

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Event Done For You

Stand out. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Don’t serve what everyone else is serving. Your clients will feel appreciated and valued at your memorable social events while you transform them into advocates and referral machines.

These elegant wine and food events are entertaining, fun and educational. Your guests learn about different wine styles and wine and food pairings in an event that expresses class.

Bill’s wine events are far more interesting than a simple dinner for your guests; they remember you for longer. Forget those plain vanilla meetings. They  enjoy themselves and experience the excitement of learning. Lighten them up with an evening of wine. Making wine fun and easy for the novice and the aficionado alike. Making you and your guests feel comfortable with a complex subject. I work best with the client in the luxury goods and services sector, looking to create an exceptional client/prospect experience while making a personal connection. Recent surveys show that people are hungrier for human connection even more than wealth these days. You can provide that for your guests and be remembered for it.

Depending on these needs these events, whether “one of” or “multi-city”, can be completely done for you. All your advisors have to do is invite their clients and join them for the fun.

Working With Your Event Planner

Bill will work with the event planner to tie into your theme. After a personal consultation with Bill, he will craft a plan for the event that outlines all logistics and materials needed – wine, glassware, food and set up materials. Place mats and other props needed for the event will be provided. He can also integrate knowledge of your product into the events agenda.

Fun to Relationships

Hiring Bill is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. He operates in a personal level and avoids stuffy “vino talk” with a moving and conversational style. This informal approach creates much stronger relationships with your client.

Your guests will receive a branded souvenir of the event to take home and to replicate the experience for their friends. They will remember the experience your company when they serve these wines.

DON’T revert to “Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.”

‪DO Convert your prospects into faithful clients by being anything but boring.

‪Bill’s programs help you become the most talked about event of the year!

  • Upscale Client Events That Get Remembered
  • Build your book of high net worth clients and prospects by providing a unique and exquisite wine and food experience that builds key business and personal relationships.
  • Spend more time fostering relationships and less time prospecting.
  • Attract the clients you really want using our wine and food events
  • Leverage these relationships and boost sales, making up-selling and cross-selling effortless. Consistently close more sales in any economy
  • Retain your best clients by transforming boring business and sales functions into luxurious and memorable wine and food events; they will want to do business with you and refer you over and over again.
  • They invest with you more eagerly, more consistently, and more often

"More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject." - Peter Drucker


The Marketing With Wine events are a great manifestation of your business's fine taste and effort to take care of high value clients.

Sean O'Dea Sean O'Dea, Cairncroft Management, President

I would like to congratulate Bill Wright, The Speaking Sommelier, on taking his wine tastings to the next level. His obvious passion and knowledge of wine and ability to interact with and entertain the group made for an excellent evening at a recent tasting and food pairing.

Bill balanced the professional with highly entertaining fun and the formal process of tasting with an informal and comfortable environment making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.
Everyone at the tasting commented on how they really enjoyed Bill’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. He did an outstanding job in entertaining and informing us with this tasting.
I would definitely recommend him in the future whether it is for a special occasion, a customer appreciation experience or as an icebreaker for a larger event. Many thanks for such a great experience.

“Income is usually directly proportional to the amount of goodwill that you have in your marketplace.”
Frank Kern, Internet Marketing Expert

There is a lot of unknown when it comes to wine, not to mention… what to do when the waiter hands you the wine cork after he has open the bottle you selected at the restaurant. To gain insights into the world of wines and have a fun evening at the same time we engaged Bill Wright – “The Speaking Sommelier” at our home for a fun evening of information about wine, food pairings and insights into that darn cork!

At the end everyone’s questions were answered in a very professional and personable manner. We would definitely recommend Bill’s services to others. Julie is already planning on having “The Speaking Sommelier” again in the near future and I’m looking to treat my clients on our next business retreats.

Jean (
Jean ("The Retired Spy") & Julie-Rainville Brun JJ Communications

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